Minecraft Xbox Game and Console Bundles

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Ask any parent what their kid normally gets up to outside of school and they’ll usually tell you something along the lines of ‘they sit in a room staring at a screen’. Although this may sound like a bad thing as it turns out it letting your kids play games and more specifically titles like Minecraft can actually be beneficial to your child’s development.

At first glance Minecraft for xbox may not seem like much with its low resolution graphics, bland textures and blocky environment but as it turns out the game features a wealth of interesting features and gameplay options that can actually provide a ton of benefits for your kid.

For example its basic Creative Mode allows the player to fly around and use a long list of blocks and materials at their disposal to create whatever they want wherever they like. This mode promotes creativity and forward planning as they can make vast 3D structures or in some cases beautiful landscapes or huge pixel art projects.
Then there’s the Survival Mode option which has the player surviving against the elements, building a home and micro-managing their resources to last each night without dying and losing all their materials down some deep dark hole. This mode helps your child learn how to manage their time as they have to get things done in the game before it gets dark and monsters come out. It also helps with their decision making, reasoning and critical thinking skills as they have to decide whether to keep going down dark holes or cut and run before they lose everything.

Plus if they play in multiplayer mode they’ll socialise and actively interact with their groups of friends online as they learn to collaborate and work together towards the same goal.

But it’s not just the gameplay, the actual concept of the game itself, a huge open world sandbox, gives the kids the chance to feel like they’re more in control of their environment rather than doing what their parents dictate. It’s a little taste of freedom where they can express themselves through building huge structures and exploring worlds.

While it can be a bit of a minefield getting the balance right between technology and other types of play and learning, it looks like Minecraft xbox is definitely a positive incorporating many elements of play, creativity and learning which will help them grow.