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With the announcement of a new highly detailed Minecraft Lego set plus ps4 and ps3 games to be in the works – there’s a scheduled release of new Lego sometime in November – it seems that everyone’s favourite sandbox game is set to reach a whole new level of success.
Although they did originally launch the first set in 2012 called ‘Micro World,’ it was rather simplistic and didn’t prove to be particularly popular with the audience due to how limited and rough around the edges it was. However this new Lego set is already creating waves within the gaming community and is hotly anticipated to be this year’s number one Christmas gift.
It’s worth noting that the choice for Minecraft to start pumping out Lego and playstation versions is rather interesting and fitting for the brand as the original concept for the game was to make a digital form of Lego that people could mess around with.
Originally launching in 2009 in a closed alpha form, Minecraft was a lot simpler back in those days; the main goal of the game was to build what you want. Because of this it became incredibly popular amongst adults and children alike. Fast forward a couple of years and Minecraft now features adventuring, crafting, magic, various terrifying dimensions and a relatively large collection of materials, ores and creatures to contend with.
Over just a few short years Minecraft has proved to be incredibly popular and rightly so. It’s a game which plays on the notions we had as kids, wanting to walk around the castles or other cool contraptions we built with our Lego. Minecraft’s developers Mojang saw that niche and made it a possibility so we could create vast castles, nightmarish landscapes or even just build picturesque villages or pixel art with friends.
Their move to real Lego sets is almost like they’ve come full circle; it’s like a call back to their digital Lego roots with this new batch of Lego sets. Also since this new collection looks to be incredibly detailed it will be very interesting to see what other sets and themes from the game they might be planning to launch in the future.
It’s safe to say that with these kinds of developments taking place it’s going to be an interesting few months for fans of Minecraft on the PlayStation and Lego.