Minecraft Books & Guides

buy minecraft lego ukThere are many ways to enjoy Minecraft: either the original digital option with a PC or console, or the physical method of its Lego sets and now some amazing books. With the launch of a new Minecraft Lego set perhaps it’s time to do a quick comparison to see which of the two is best, Minecraft the game or the Lego version.
Looking firstly at the game, this allows you to build a variety of shapes, buildings and other colourful creations out of a ton of blocks. Plus there’s the added advantage that you can walk amongst your different creations or even live in them.

Then there’s the actual graphics of the game which can be customised with special shaders and texture packs. Finally there’s the price, a copy of Minecraft will usually set you back around £10 to £13 per copy for the PC and consoles so it’s pretty cheap.

Although the downside of the game is that unless you buy the console version you’ll need a pretty tough PC to run it without all the settings turned as low as they can go. Also the game can be a tad difficult to get to grips with for very young kids but there are plenty of minecraft books and guides available to help.
Then there’s the Lego version of the game which is easy to assemble and features a ton of bright blocks and characters from the game.

However there are a few limitations with Minecraft Lego. For starters you’re confined to the materials you’re given in the box which means you don’t have as big a landscape to mess around with as the computer game. Then there’s the price, most Lego sets will normally cost you £15 to £20 each depending on the set you buy so it can get pretty expensive.

But what it does have going for it is that you can easily show off what you’ve made to your friends without needing a copy of Minecraft for them to load up your world and check out your creation. Plus you have the satisfaction of building something with your own hands.
Overall both games and books are equally fun and have their own benefits and demerits but as long as you’re having fun playing Minecraft it doesn’t really matter which one you prefer over the other.