All Things Creeper

buy minecraft lego ukWith the recent announcement by Mojang that they’re going to be launching a second set of Minecraft themed Lego sets it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be this year’s number one gift that every kid is going to be clamouring to have.

Although this new and rather highly detailed set is not due for release until November it’s definitely going to be the one toy that sells out pretty quickly.
So if you’re a parent who wants to get their kid a cool Minecraft Lego set this year or are just an enthusiast looking for something to add to your collection of Minecraft memorabilia then worry not as we’ve got a couple of tips you can use for finding your set of Minecraft Lego before they all sell out.

Your first port of call should be Amazon; they’ve got an absolutely massive selection of creeper toys that range from creeper figures, paper-craft items and even soft and rather adorable plushies. It’s absolutely chock-full of Minecraft merchandise.

But if you don’t luck out there then you might want to try Tesco, depending on the branch you’ll normally be able to grab at least one of the 6 new sets that they’re set to launch.

Or if you’re really desperate you could try buying them from the official Minecraft store that you can access whenever you go onto the browser version of the Minecraft game.
This is always a good back up plan for last minute creeper goodies since they tend to source their merchandise from a number of locations, which means that their stock levels are always relatively high regardless of the amount of demand for a product. Plus you could easily find a Minecraft Lego set plus a ton of other cool and exclusive merchandise in a matter of just a few minutes.

But if you don’t manage to get any of the new sets don’t worry as there’s already a ‘Micro World’ set of Minecraft Lego. Although this set is a little limited and simplistic it still captures the core creativity factor you would find in the actual game.
So if you’re looking to get that perfect creeper themed gift for your loved ones or friends then why not avoid the long lines in stores and try going to one of those sites instead.