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In the last few years Minecraft has exploded in popularity, it’s gone from games to conventions, T-shirts hoodies, and even Lego. Because of how popular this game has become a lot of teachers have taken it upon themselves to start incorporating Minecraft in the classroom to help with lessons.
But you may be wondering how exactly this may work?

Well since the game can be a bit complicated for younger children who may encounter difficulties with the games curve and crafting mechanics the Lego version of this popular sandbox game is considered to be just as effective. Although we are not quite at the stage where pupils can ware their favourite mincraft t-shirt to school their is a fanstastic range of clothes to choose from.

The Lego version features bright coloured blocks and cute characters that keep them entertained and most important of all, focused on a task that they’ve been given to do in this case building a structure out of the different blocks.

Lego is a great method of teaching kids as it encourages creativity as they can build several structures out of blocks from the game and it improves motor development. It also helps them to think in three dimensions as they can design their own landscapes and caves in their own little square chunk. Children love to dress up in minecraft t-shirts and hoodies that’s for sure.

Another great feature of Minecraft Lego is that when kids are arranged into groups to make a big project out of the blocks it encourages team building and co-operation skills as they work towards a common goal. It really helps promote those skills that will then benefit them in later life.

Minecraft Lego can also be used to assess a child’s general knowledge and ability to understand a problem they’ve been presented with.
For example you could ask them to follow a specific design or pattern that they have to then make using the blocks. Or you could even ask them to build a structure using only one type of block or one that has to contain a specific item like a certain ore or enough room for a Lego block tree to fit in.

As a learning aid it seems that Minecraft Lego is really an absolute godsend, it’s a great way for teachers and parents to get on the level of kids and get them actively interested in taking part in activities and learning new things. With this in mind perhaps we might see Minecraft becoming a staple of the educational curriculum of schools in the future.