The Latest Minecraft Lego Deals

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Thanks to the accidental leakage by a Russian retailer it seems we’re going to be getting another new Minecraft themed set of Lego.
First noticed by Gizmodo it appears that a series of images released by Mir Kobikov, line of Russian Lego stores show several new and incredibly detailed sets of everyone’s favourite sandbox game in plastic block form.

If it turns out that these are to be the actual official Lego sets then this new collection will become the second Minecraft Lego toys to be launched. These new detailed Lego dioramas are a vast improvement to the rather simplified sets that were originally launched back in 2012. Plus according to the Russian site the sets cover various parts of the game since they’re currently called ‘Mine’, ‘Dragon Edge’, ‘Workbench’, ‘First Night’, ‘Farm’ and ‘Cave’.
Mine for example comes with a large underground abandoned mine set that you can make which even contains working rails, mine carts, TNT as well as Steve, Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons and of course everyone’s favourite creatures the annoying green Creepers.
The farm set is slightly smaller and according to the images leaked by the Russian site it features some adorable cows, sheep and a tiny farm, there’s even a pumpkin that you can put on your characters head.

Then there’s the huge Dragons Edge set, this pack comes with an area set in The End, with an end stone floor and obsidian pillars you can make that come with those signature heal gems this area can be made as scary as you want. You’re also given a couple of Lego Endermen to place around as well as Steve in a full set of Diamond armour.
But perhaps the best thing about this set is that it comes with its very own Ender Dragon. So if you’ve never taken this beast down in the game you can show it who’s boss in the Lego version!

Finally there’s also the large ‘8 in 1’ piece called the ‘Work Bench’, this huge piece comes with several characters and blocks and like Minecraft it’s been made to let your imagination go wild as you create whatever you like from the various Lego pieces.
Although there have been no details on pricing or a release date other than sometime in November, these new toys will definitely become the most popular Lego Minecraft collection ever made.